Food Service

Food concessionaire

One of the biggest food concessionaires in the Philippines serving 100,000+ meals per day


Our food tastes great. And that’s not just because we put plenty of time and care into creating something delicious. It tastes great, because it is great. It’s great thanks to strong partnerships with our trusted suppliers; we know them, which means we can trace our food from farm to fork. It’s great, because food really does taste better when it’s in season, sustainably sourced and thoughtfully produced. And it’s great... no make that UNBEATABLE, because our award-winning culinary teams put their hearts into making it.

cafeteria/kiosk/vendor management

Here are just a few of the things we do for the kiosk and vendor management in a cafeteria


- Processing of the accreditation requirements  to qualify to operate business at your sites including;

  1. Desk review and ocular inspection of commissary/food source.          

  2. Proper selection of kiosk line up based on the merchandize and brand to ensure that the sales opportunity is high and there is no conflict of interest with the main concessionaire as well with other subcon operators.

  3. Marketing support.

  4. Food safety and customer service skills orientation of the staff.


- Training of kiosk personnel and orientation and operational requirements.


- Customer complaint management-all customer related complaints/feedback will be  handled by Kitchen City Express management including technical approach in investigation and documentation of corrective actions;


- Daily kiosk audit to be conducted by Kitchen City Express cafeteria management.


- Assist the kiosk operations during 2nd and 3rd party audits like Compass and National Sanitation Foundation Inspection (quarterly and annual).